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Friday, June 11, 2010

Group H: Switzerland

Switzerland could probably say they are having the same problem as Ivory Coast at the moment, they are without their star goal-scorer. Just a few days ago Alexander Frei was put on the injured list, after suffering a bruised and sprained ankle. This is a big problem for the Swiss.

Overall Switzerland is a sturdy, efficient team, but they are not an exciting team. Very defensively minded, they will usually try to sit on wins instead of pushing for more goals, but unlike other teams such as North Korea, they are good at it. Philip Senderos [pictured] will play centrally in the defense. Tall and strong, he has gained valuable experience while playing for Arsenal F.C. in the EPL.

It should be made aware that this will not be Switzerland's World Cup, but in the future it could be. Recently the country beat Nigeria to win the Under 17 world championship, as such the future looks good for the Swiss. Although the team may not go far in this years tournament, it will be an excellent training field for the youngsters, who will bring their valuable experience forward to usher in a new Swiss era.

My Prediction: Group H: 3rd/4th Place. It all depends how Honduras does.

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