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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Game 19: Greece vs Nigeria

Well, it seems yet another African side is out of the world cup, after Nigeria was defeated 2-1 by Europeans Greece.

Sani Kaita received a straight red card in the 33rd minute, after lashing out with a shove and kick to a Greek player. Even though Nigeria had been leading up until this point, after a goal by Kalu Uche in the 16th minute, from a free kick, the team would seem to lose their spirit, and succumb to the Greek onslaught.

Greece would go on to receive their first ever win at a World Cup finals, when Salpingidis would score in the 44th minute when his long-range shot would deflect off of a Nigerian defender. Later in the 71st minute Torosidis would notch the sides second, after Enyeama bobbled a shot, allowing the Greek player to tap the ball in.

All in all this was probably the correct score for the game. Nigeria do not seem to be at full fitness, as two players, Taiwo and his replacement Echiejilie, would both be subbed off due to injury. The Nigerians just could not seem to muster any sort of attack, which left them at the mercy of the Greeks, who fought hard to take advantage of the Super Eagles only playing with ten men.

If either of these two teams go through in second place (something Nigeria probably will not do outside of a miracle) it will be an easy game for the team that draws them, as neither team is really that impressive in attack, and their defense is mild at best. Because of this, I still fancy South Korea to move on, regardless of their loss today, as I think they will have no problems against the demoralized Nigerians.

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