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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Group C: Algeria

If there were to be a 'wild-card' team in Group C, then Algeria would be it. With most of their players being European born, and therefore having gone through youth systems, the Desert Foxes field some quality players, thank goodness for the ability to change nationalities!

Although most teams consider their first game to be the most important, for Group C it is paramount. While the United States and England are battling it out, Algeria will be playing for their lives against Slovenia. If the Desert Foxes win, they could have the ability to pull an upset over the top two teams (US/England) by sneaking into second position and knocking one of them off in a final week head-to-head.

However, there are inconsistencies, such as losing to Malawi in an earlier match, a minnow of a nation, but then later beating Egypt, a usual power in the African Cup of Nations. Attack minded, they are likely to be stopped in their tracks against the solid defenses of both the United States and England.

Key Players:
Karim Ziani (Pictured) is probably the most talented of the lot, playing his club ball at Wolfsburg in the German Bundesliga. Furthermore, don't forget about one of my fantasy picks (well partly because he was a cheap buy) Hassan Yebda who is an up and coming player on his national side. Although his club performance over the past year at Portsmouth in the Premiere League was a little lacking, as the team was relegated.

My Prediction: Group C 3rd Place.

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