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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Group E: Cameroon

Cameroon is a team dependent on captain Samuel Eto'o [pictured], but he has been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons.  Former Cameroon player Roger Mila has come out to criticize Eto'o, saying (in regards to his ego) that he has not done anything for the nation. Now a typical professional would just ignore such a comment, go out on the pitch, score some goals, and prove his critics wrong. What did Eto'o do? He threatened to walk out of the team! Instead of showing up to training with the rest of The Lions on the first day, he went on a week long vacation. When he returned to play a warm-up match, he quickly got a red card, displaying an arrogance that defies logic on the pitch, and a reaction reminiscent of simply not caring after he left.

Things do not look good for Cameroon.

On the plus side, the rest of the team would die for their country. They want to win, badly, since they are playing in the first ever World Cup on African soil. They did have lapses in qualification, with their defense being a little shaky, and only producing low scoring games when Eto'o was not around. But desire to win is what will drive The Lions past the group stage. Expect a 4-5-1 formation, with Cameroon playing very defensively, trying to find a weakness in the opponent. This will work very well against Japan, possibly slow the Dutch down, and provide an even playing field against the Danes.

Key Players: Out with Eto'o, in with Alex Song! The Arsenal midfielder can really dictate the tempo of a game, and will probably be Cameroons creative genius. Geremi, a defender, will be crucial to Cameroons defense, brining a wealth of experience from his time in the EPL and La Liga.

My Prediction: Narrowly losing out to Italy in the second round, as the Italians will be used to playing against Cameroon's style of soccer.

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