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Monday, June 7, 2010

Group D: Ghana

Along with Australia, this is Ghana's second world cup appearance in a row, and second ever. In addition, just like Australia, they have a fearsome squad.

In 2006 Ghana shocked everybody by reaching the second round, where they were promptly beaten by Brazil, but they did put out a good showing. On top of this, Ghana went on to win the U-20 competition, and a few of these players on now in the squad.

A unique aspect about Ghana is how young all the players are, with the average age sitting around 22-24 it is amazing to see so many of them succeeding in the top flights of the game. However, without Michael Essien (who is out injured), will Ghana have a chance? He was easily the teams best player, and one of the reasons they made it to the Cup for two tournaments in a row.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say Ghana will be the most successful African team at this tournament. They will reach the second round and put up a good fight against England, and then lose in the dying minutes of the game. Note, I also pick Cameroon to make the second round, but they will be soundly defeated by Italy, which is why I say Ghana will be the most successful.

Key Players:
Asamoah Gyan (pictured) is an amazing striker, having scored 17 goals in 32 qualifying games he will be the target for the midfielders, such as Sulley Muntari who had an amazing season with Internazionale as they went on to win the Champions League.

My Prediction: Second Round loss to England.

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