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Monday, June 7, 2010

Group D: Germany

Champions of three world cups, almost always make the round of 16, and on top of it, usually make the quarterfinals! Germany are the epitome of steady consistency, but without star and captain Michael Ballack, how good will the team be this year? It will be up to Philipp Lahm (pictured), recently promoted to captain, to lead a team that the world expects a lot from.

Qualifying comfortably from their pre-tournament group, Germany should easily make it to the round of sixteen, leaving it up to Australia, Serbia, and Ghana to battle it out for second place. I'm predicting Germany to make it to the quarterfinals (naturally) but their fitness will be tested against Argentina, a more classy team in terms of technical skill, and the fact that Lionel Messi should not have many issues navigating his way through the tough German defenders.

Compared to the other top teams throughout the years, the Germans do not have flashy plays of brilliance, the repeat ad-nauseum stepover, or the tricks that make fans scream. However, what they do have is excellent teamwork. The Germans never fail to work together and grind out results. If they find one side of the pitch is dominating them then they will quickly react. It is for this reason that Germany will once again go far in yet another World Cup.

Key Players:
Philipp Lahm is the new captain of the team due to the injury of Michael Ballack, so it is paramount that he can help keep the players focused. An excellent right back player, he is ace at surging forward to deliver crosses into the box. Not to mention he is very good on the dead ball kicks!

Miroslav Klose: He may be aging and not getting a lot of first-team soccer at Bayern Munich, but you can expect him to be a factor coming of the bench. Where his speed and shots on goal will be a menace for the worn out defenders.

My Prediction: Quarter-finals.


  1. Look out for Ozil,Muller,Kroos & ablove all Schwine
    If Schwine can dictate the play from midfield then they will go a long way...

  2. You are correct! I've just been trying to focus on two players for each team (because these are all brief overviews), but Schwinesteiger is an integral part of the team, he has been on fire for club.