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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Group E: Denmark

Unfortunately, this is not the same Denmark as thirty years ago, a team that had "The Great Dane" Peter Schmeichel and the Laudrup brothers. Thankfully, for being dubbed the least experienced Denmark team for many years, the Danes were able to roll over their qualification group. Not only did they edge out Portugal for first place, but they disqualified Scandinavian powerhouse Sweden!

Although, it may be unfair to call the team inexperienced, as they are filled with some bright talents. Nicklas Bendtner [pictured] of Arsenal has been a promising prospect in London, while Daniel Agger has been playing a lot of first team soccer at Liverpool. Thomas Sorenson is also back, prepared to be the imposing force he usually is in front of the net. However, there are weak points, with the majority of the defenders playing at small clubs that do not compete against the best opposition. But Morten Olsen has been at the helm of the team for a long time, serving as coach for ten years and counting. The team and fans will just have to put their trust into him, as he attempts to bring new glory to a team that has failed to impress for the past four years.

Truthfully, it is a shame that Denmark will likely not make it out of the group stage, but their games are sure to be enjoyable. As is the typical Danish fashion, expect many late game goals that could surprise us all, which could allow them to narrowly avoid being knocked out.

My Prediction: Group E 3rd Place.

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