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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Group E: Japan

Takeshi Okada [coach] has already called for a semi-final spot, meanwhile the fans are already calling for his head. Naturally Japan flew threw the qualification like a Tsunami hitting land (now expected of both Japan and Korea); however, a poor string of results since leading up to the tournament has shown how bad of form Japan is in.

Their defense has been really suspect, having already given three own-goals in two warm-up matches. But that's not all, they can't seem to protect their flanks, allowing too many crosses into the box which has tested their keepers.

Japan, like the United States, is a developing soccer country, both with new leagues, and the players only starting to gain notoriety on foreign soil. In the future Japan could easily become a powerhouse, if they manage to keep up their development, but at the present time... Well, lets just say the citizens of Japan are hoping to win at least one game to remain happy.

Key Players: Naturally Nakamura Shunsuke [Japanese name form] is placed into this list. Already having played for Celtic in Scotland for a few years (but now back in Japan League) he has become feared across Europe for his dead-ball skills. However, this could be his last World Cup, and if ever he wanted to go out with a bang, this would be the time for it.

My Prediction: Group E 4th Place.

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