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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Game 27: Slovakia vs Paraguay

Paraguay went top of the table on Sunday after a comfortable 2-0 win over Europeans Slovenia.

With this win, South American teams are now 6-0-2 at the World Cup finals, being the most successful qualification region so far.

The first goal came in the 27th minute off of Enrique Vera, after a defensive mistake from Slovakia allowed a cross into the box, to which Vera deftly hit the ball with the outside of his foot to send it past goalkeeper Jan Mucha.

Following this goal Slovakia would try to push forward with a possession game, but due to many lapses in judgment they would once again find themselves out of the game in the 86th minute when Cristian Riveros would score Paraguay's second goal of the match.

Paraguay's next game is against New Zealand, and they must be feeling very confident about going through. Meanwhile Slovakia is hurting, with only one point in two games they will next take on defending champions Italy.

In all honesty, Paraguay were easily the better side. Having improved on their passing game from their first match against Italy, the South Africans rarely looked like they were in trouble.  Having double the amount of shots (15) than Slovakia (6), Paraguay was constantly on the offensive.

One thing they could really work on is attacking more down the sides, as they mostly just went straight through the middle. By going down the flanks the team could, in theory, get more corner kicks which would allow them some more set piece plays, opportunities that are much harder to defend against.

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