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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Group B: Greece

Greece were the 2004 EURO Cup winners, shocking the world by winning the final with a calm and patient style of play; yet, they failed to qualify for the 2006 World Cup. 2010 will essentially be the chance for Greece to once again prove they are deserving of the previous European title, but due to an aging squad, they will be hard pressed to live up to previous success.

The road to the World Cup should have been an easy one for Greece, as their only real competition came in the form of Switzerland, but instead they struggled through until the very end. Maybe the defensive soccer technique payed off, because the Greeks are here once again, but if the coach [Otto Rehhagel] keeps struggling with a static lineup, then the out of position Greek players could see themselves quickly overwhelmed. Generally speaking, expect all of Greece's games to be low-scoring as their German coach erects an impregnable wall. The only exception could Nigeria who, with their superb strength on the ball and physical play, could brush aside the stalwart defense.

Key Players:
Theofanis Gekas was the top scorer in qualification, while midfielder Karagounis is the ever vocal captain. These two will need to constantly be in sync for the defensive Greeks to have a chance of scoring any goals.

My Prediction: 4th Place Group B

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