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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Group G: Brazil

It is a shame that Dunga is retiring as head coach, because I love what he has done with the Brazilian national team. Many people were outraged to see Ronaldinho not make the team, a former World Player of the year he should have been a sure bet. Thankfully for Brazil, Dunga realized he wasn't. After receiving many of his rewards, Ronaldinho became a one-show man, he did not play as part of a team. By leaving him off, Brazil now have a more cohesive force, with superstars in every position.

They easily qualified in first place, scoring the most goals and having the least against, and many consider them the favorites to win the tournament. However, I think this will be a year in which they are disappointed. Wait, didn't I just say they have a stronger team? Certainly, the problem is, so do a couple of other teams that Brazil is likely to face in the knockout stages. In the round of sixteen Brazil will probably come up against either Switzerland or Chile. Switzerland, although having a strong defense, will be hard pressed to score goals, so Brazil would win this one. Meanwhile Chile can score a lot of goals, but they give up a lot as well, with Brazil having scored seven times in two qualifying games against them. Another win.

The Quarterfinals is when Brazil will likely be tested. Coming up against an incredibly strong Netherlands squad that will happily run and gun with them. I see the game ending in a goal fest, but unfortunately for Brazil, a single late goal from one careless mistake will probably cost the game for them.

Key Players: Kaka (pictured) is, arguably, one of the top three players in the world, and still top ten if hurt, he's just that good. He scores goals, he gives assists, he tackles, he tracks back, he's got everything. It will be imperative that he stays fit so that he can feed the ball to striker Luis Fabiana, or if Fabiana is too heavily marked, take pot-shots from outside the eighteen yard box.

As always with Brazil, expect a lot of flashy goals, and some rabid fans that will drive them to amazing feats of glory.

My Prediction: Quarter-Finals.

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