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Monday, May 31, 2010

Group A: Uruguay

The sky blues are back at the world cup! That is great news for Uruguayan citizens who feel the team should win, but I feel they will be disappointed. In qualification Uruguay was all over the place. One week they would have a brilliant showing pummeling Bolivia 5-0, but then the next week losing 0-1 to Paraguay. The problem is what team will show up for the Cup finals. I see Uruguay as a little Brazil. They have some very skilled players, but often times the players don’t work together, they simply try to do too much on their own. Their offense is sure to score goals, but how many they will let in becomes a factor, because their defense is not good enough to take on the worlds best.

The most important match of Group A will be between Uruguay and Mexico, which could easily turn into a goal-fest. Whichever team becomes victorious will decide 2nd place in the group, and determine who moves on into the knockout stages. If the teams draw, then South Africa could have an outside shot of taking 2nd.

Key Players:

Diego Forlan is naturally the main player that everyone talks about, but I will go one further: Diego Forlan and Luis Suarez. I group these two together because when they partner on the pitch they average a goal almost every-other game. This is crucial because Uruguay is looking to run a 4-4-2 position. Personally, I feel if they went 4-3-1-2 they would do better, by having the veteran Sebastian Abreu playing right behind the two strikers. If you don’t have a steady defense, then you need to score plenty of points, and those three working together could be a real terror.

My Prediction: Group A 3rd Place.

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