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Monday, May 31, 2010

Fantasy Picks Part 2

Group bracket:

Group A: (1) France, (2) Mexico, (3) Uruguay, (4) South Africa.

Group B: (1) Argentina, (2) South Korea, (3) Nigeria, (4) Greece.

Group C: (1) England, (2) United States, (3) Algeria, (4) Slovenia.

Group D: (1) Germany, (2) Ghana, (3) Australia, (4) Serbia.

Group E: (1) Netherlands, (2) Cameroon, (3) Denmark, (4) Japan.

Group F: (1) Italy, (2) Paraguay, (3) Slovakia, (4) New Zealand.

Group G: (1) Brazil, (2) Portugal, (3) Ivory Coast, (4) North Korea

Group H: (1) Spain, (2) Switzerland, (3) Chile, (4) Honduras.

Second round: France beats S.Korea, Argentina beats Mexico, England beats Ghana, Germany beats United States, Netherlands beats Paraguay, Italy beats Cameroon on PK’s, Brazil beats Switzerland, Spain beats Portugal in my “game of the tournament”.

Quarterfinals: England beats France, Argentina beats Germany, Netherlands beats Brazil in stoppage time, Spain beats Italy.

Semifinals: Netherlands beats England in a goal fest, Spain beats Argentina on PK’s.

Third place: Argentina beats England in a boring game.

Final: Spain easily brushes aside Netherlands.

To view my reasons, read each of my group stage posts.

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