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Monday, May 31, 2010

Group B: Argentina

Coming into every World Cup Argentina are usually listed as one of the favorites. Traditionally this has hampered them as they fail to live up to expectations, but this year 'could' be different.

Qualification was a long and hard ordeal for the Argentinians, and a lot of criticism around the world cited their coach [Diego Maradonna] as the reason. To this day Maradonna is listed as one of the world's historic best players, but his lack of managerial experience has been apparent. With a star-studded lineup that makes most countries cringe, Maradonna has had a tendency to put players out of position, or not utilize them to their full capacity. This could ultimately be the downfall for Argentina unless their coach learns to listen to advice from his staff and players.

However, the saving grace for Argentina is that they were placed in a relatively weak group, so promotion to the second round is basically automatic. The toughest part for the team will be maintaining momentum throughout the rest of the tournament.

Key Players:
Lionel Messi (pictured) is a world footballer of the year, and he has been in top form for club team Barcelona. If he had one weakness it would be that he often times fails to deliver on the national level.

Javier Mascherano. The Liverpool playmaker and captain of the Argentinians is integral to Maradonna's plans. A nightmare in midfield, he could pose a real problem for most teams.

My Prediction: Semi-Finalists.

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